Evan is Bonkers for Barney

As soon I got Evan home from daycare yesterday, he grabbed his new Barney book that a friend gave us and starts saying "Ba! Ba!" He wanted me to read the book to him. I was cool with that, but after reading it one time, he started a sad little whine. In other words, read it again daddy! It's hard to say no to that, but after reading it for the third time I couldn't take anymore! Amy read the book to him 14 times in one morning! She is much more tolerant of Barney.

Bo called this morning to tell us that his son was obsessed with Barney when he was younger. They decided it might come in handy when it came time to potty train. So the deal was that if his son learned how to use the potty, they would visit Barneyworld at Universal Studios. Turns out his son mastered potty training in two weeks because he was ready to go visit Barney! So, I am encouraged that something positive might come out of Evan's Barney phase, that is if I don't go crazy first.

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