Things We Talked About Today

-College football begins this weekend. If you root for the Gamecocks, it began last night with their win over Southern Miss. Cleve is a Clemson fan, and John has a triple football loyalty to Alabama, UAB (alma-mater) and Georgia (wife's alma mater). We pondered why so many people in Georgia cheer for the Bulldogs, yet Georgia Tech doesn't seem to get as much attention. With the addition of Georgia State's football team this year, the state of Georgia now has 4 major football programs, including Georgia Southern.
-See You at the Pole is Wednesday, September 22nd. Students around the country will gather at the school flagpole to pray for their campuses. It is completely legal because it is student led and you can find resources at
-Bob Waliszewski joined us for the weekly Plugged In Movie Review. He said there is nothing new this weekend that is suitable for families. There are some movies still playing that families might enjoy including What If, Despicable Me, Nanny McPhee Returns, Get Low (read the review first) and Toy Story 3. Get reviews at
-Barbara, Karen, Shannon and Kathleen joined us in the studio for Backstage Pass Friday. After trying to understand the fascination with Farmville on Facebook, Barbara was able to explain it to us and said it is a lot less messier that working on a real farm. Karen is North Augusta's "Money Saving Momma" and teaches classes on couponing. She recommended and for help with couponing. Shannon loves Legos, so John was glad to meet another adult who shares his fondness of a great toy. She and her husband are currently building a model of Downtown Edgefield with their Lego collection. Kathleen is a business entrepeneur who makes perfumes at her home for friends and family and has hopes of selling to the general public very soon. Sign up for a future Backstage Pass Friday

Things We Talked About Today

-Mary Beth Chapman joined us today. She is Steven Curtis Chapman's wife and will be joining him on their family's tour stop in Aiken on November 13th. Her book, Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope, was recently released detailing her life and the tragedy of losing their 5 year-old daughter, Maria. Mary Beth that Beth Moore wrote the forward to her book and encouraged her to start speaking publicly about her life after a dream that Beth had about her and Maria.
-Facebook gift cards go on sale Sunday at Target. They come in $15, $25 and $50 denominations and can be used to pay for online games that are played through Facebook. This includes the ability to buy Farm Cash to help make your Farmville farm a better place to live. :)
-Mark Hall of Casting Crowns is selling his Star Wars desk as a fundraiser for World Vision. He wants to teach his son that "God doesn’t bless us so we can merely have; He blesses us so we can give.” You can see the desk and make a bid at
-We revisited the malware discussion from yesterday. Many people download the tool from and, like John, found some bugs on their computers. Lynne told us the software found 500 problems on her machine! Iris called and told us about those pop-up ads that claim to be able to search your computer for viruses and clean it. She says it is a scam. She clicked on one and ended up on the phone with Microsoft tech support to figure out how to get rid of it because it was slowing her computer.
-Meredith Andrews and her husband, Jacob, welcomed Maverick Elijah into the world yesterday. He weighed 8 pound, 2 ounces and is 21 inches long. Meredith said the hardest part about labor was that she wanted chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A and couldn't have them until after the delivery!

Mary Beth Chapman on Thursday

We'll talk to Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis, on Thursday at 6:10 and 7:40. Her book, Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope is in stores now. She'll also be speaking at "A Night with the Chapmans" on November 13th in Aiken. Listen for your chance to win tickets during our conversation with Mary Beth!

Things We Talked About Today

-Karin Calloway, in today's Augusta Chronicle food column, has tried to recreate Piccadilly's delicious carrot souffle (one of John's favorite dishes). See her recipe
-Listeners are still calling and writing with feedback on our crockpot recipe discussion from two weeks ago. Many of those recipes are available on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page. Look for the post on August 18th.
-Fall in the CSRA is a big time for consignment sales. You can save a lot of money on children's clothing. There is a big consignment sale happening just about every week this month and you can find them on the Family Calendar at
-John found some malware on his computer yesterday, after searches on Google were taking him to websites that were not part of his searches. These things can be on your computer without you knowing it and can create a lot of problems for your computer and your personal information. Charlie called and recommended a free piece of software at that can run alongside your anti-virus software.

Cheapie of the Week - August 30th

Rhonda Evans of Augusta correctly guessed that the Cheapie of the Week is Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue (6 double rolls). Bi-Lo has it on sale through Tuesday (8/31) as a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" special. When you buy one pack, it rings up $2.39. Use the printable $.50 coupon, which will double, and you get the toilet paper for $1.39 plus tax.