Morning Show Notes - Friday, August 5th

Today is Drive-Thru Difference Day!

-The Salvation Army of Augusta's Kroc Center is having a grand opening celebration all day tomorrow and you're invited. Details

-Walmart and Procter & Gamble present their seventh installment of Family Movie Night on Saturday at 8 PM on NBC with Who is Simon Miller?

-Chewing gum could be the secret to boosting your child's math scores. Read more

-Coming up Monday: You could win a bundle of CD's from Royal Tailor, Caleb and Samestate. These three artists will be at our free Back to School Bashes on August 16th and 17th in Augusta and Aiken. Listen to win with the Monday Morning Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40.

Morning Show Notes - Thursday, August 4th

-John made a mess in the kitchen last night while installing a new faucet. He disconnected the water line to the dishwasher, thinking it was part of the sink and that he had turned it off, only to see water start spraying everywhere. The project ended up taking him twice as long as anticipated. This morning we talked about your home improvement project that didn't go as planned. Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey due to concerns with salmonella. Recall Information

-The South Carolina Sales Tax Holiday is this Friday August 5th through Sunday, August 7th. Click here to see what you can buy tax-free.

-Dalton Diehl, lead singer of Samestate, joined John this morning. His band is playing at the Back to School Bashes on August 16th in Augusta and August 17th in Aiken. Listen to the conversation:
Part 1: John likes them because they like Chick-fil-A
Part 2: The origin of the band
Part 3: God uses a concussion to show him His plan
Part 4: John preps Dalton for marriage
Part 5: Samestate's passion for youth

-Coming up Friday: Our movie guy, Bob Waliszewski from Focus on the Family, joins us at 7:10 with the family-friendly perspective on the weekend's new movies. Also, find out what might help raise your child's math scores.

Simple Cooking - Grandma Gene's Potatoes

4 potatoes
2 tablespoons of flour (any kind)
Salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tablespoons of oil/butter/margarine (your choice, use less if skillet is non-stick)

Wash potatoes, peel (if you want to), slice as thinly as possible. Wash slices and pour off the excess water trying to leave about 1/4 cup of water (this is usually what is left after pouring off the rinse water). Mix in the flour, salt and pepper, using your hands.

Heat a cast iron or non-stick skillet, melting/heating the oil or butter (whichever you prefer). Place the first layer of potatoes so they are neatly arranged (this makes them pretty when served), then add the rest, pouring in any water and flour that remains (this is the glue that holds them together). Reduce heat to medium-low and cook covered for about 30 minutes.

Remove lid, cover with heat proof plate and turn un-finished potatoes out onto this plate. Place skillet back on heat then slide potatoes back into the skillet from the plate. Replace the lid and finish cooking, approx 30 minutes or until they pass the fork test for doneness. Turn or slide out the potatoes onto the previously used plate or serve from the skillet.

Delicious as a side dish, can be made into an entree by adding bacon while cooking, then cheese and green onions and sour cream etc when plated.

Yield: 4 servings

Submitted by Sara Oliver of North Augusta. If you have a quick and easy recipe to share, please send it to and include a daytime phone number. You'll get a thank-you gift if we use your recipe.

Morning Show Notes - Wednesday, August 3rd

-John bought a refurbished Oreck vacuum cleaner and saved hundreds of dollars over the price of a new one. The things runs very well and makes the carpet look great. We talked about refurbished products that you've bought and loved. You can join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-MAU Workforce Solutions is hosting a job fair today: Details

-The South Carolina Sales Tax Holiday is this Friday August 5th through Sunday, August 7th. Click here to see what you can buy tax-free.

-John's family tried the new Marco's Pizza on Fury's Ferry Road in Augusta. They have great pizza with plentiful toppings and even let you have extras baked into the crust!

-Ground turkey contaminated with salmonella is making people sick around the country, including Georgia, but no recall has been issued. Read more

-Sara Oliver of North Augusta shared Grandma Gene's Potatoes with us this morning in Simple Cooking. If you'd like the recipe, see the post above this one.

-Coming up Thursday: John will chat with Dalton Diehl, the lead singer of Samestate, at 7:10 and 8:40. This is one of the bands playing at the Back to School Bashes on August 16th and 17th.

Morning Show Notes - Tuesday, August 2nd

-Matthew West joined John this morning with exciting news about several things going on in his life. Listen to the conversation:
Part 1 - Story behind his latest song "Strong Enough"
Part 2 - The upcoming book
Part 3 - Waking up the space shuttle
Part 4 - Christmas CD/movie

-Angela Simmons of Martinez is the newest member of Cleve's Coffee Club. Since Cleve is on vacation this week, John handled the induction duties and had a little fun messing with Angela about her coffee habit. Listen

-PBS announced yesterday that they're invoking the spirit of Mister Rogers is a new animated show called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. All of the characters in the Neighborhood of Make Believe are grown with their own children, and this show revolves around that generation. This morning we asked "Which childhood TV show would you like to see revived?" Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Coming up Wednesday: Sara Oliver of North Augusta tells us about Grandma Gene's Potatoes in Simple Cooking at 8:10. Also, John's discovered a great new pizza place, and we'll talk about refurbished products you've bought that you liked.

Morning Show Notes - Monday, August 1st

-John is back from vacation this week, and Cleve is on vacation this week.

-Monday Morning Mindbender
Q: People are 40% more likely to buy a product when this is on the package. What is it?
A: Picture of an animal

-John's three-year old son Evan was the ringbearer at a wedding, and after he ran down the aisle with the pillow, he went to sit down with his parents and said loudly "I did it all by myself! Now, let's go eat some cake!" So, this morning we talked about funny things that you've seen kids do at weddings. Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Robb Kicklighter of Brooklet figured out that the Cheapie of the Week is Crayola Washable Markers. Walgreens has the 8 pack for $2 through Saturday (8/6). When you buy it, you'll get $2 in Register Rewards to use on your next purchase, so essentially all you pay is the sales tax!

-Coming up Tuesday: Cleve's on vacation, so John gets to induct the newest member of the Coffee Club at 6:50. This should be fun, since John doesn't like coffee. Also, there are some cool things going on with Matthew West. He'll be on at 6:10 and 7:40.