Morning Show Notes - Friday, March 25th

-The featured movie review this morning from Bob Waliszewski of Focus on the Family was Jane Eyre. However, the movie isn't playing in our area, and we don't know if it will, but it might be a good pick when it is on DVD. Other good choices for the family are The Grace Card (in it's fifth week in Augusta) and Mars Needs Moms.

-There's a lot of stuff to do this weekend in the CSRA including the Yellow Jessamine Festival in North Augusta (Friday and Saturday) and the Aiken Steeplechase (Saturday).

-The Augusta Riverhawks last home game of regular season play is tonight at 7:30 at the James Brown Arena. They are within two points of being tied for first place in the league!

-Starbucks is giving Keurig some competition. Read more

-Coming up Monday: You could win WOW #1's 2011, a two-disc set of 30 Christian Hits, with the Monday Morning Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40. Listen for the name and artist of the Dove Bus Song of the Day at 7:00 AM. Then, listen for the song during the day for your chance to win a CD from that artist and a spot in the drawing for tickets on the Dove Bus.

Morning Show Notes - Thursday, March 24th

-We talked about the 7 things you should never say in a job interview. Click here to read them

-There's a cute video gone viral of a mom blowing her nose and her baby's cute laugh that follows. Watch the video

-What will Masters Week traffic look like? Hopefully, not as bad as years past with a new plan being put in place. Read more

-PGA player Ben Crane will be the guest speaker at the Augusta Golf Breakfast, sponsored by Warren Baptist Church and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Click here for free tickets

-Coming up Friday: Our movie guy, Bob Waliszewski of Focus on the Family, joins us at 7:10 for the family-friendly perspective on the weekend's new movies.

Morning Show Notes - Wednesday, March 23rd

-Movie theaters don't want you to know what's in their popcorn, but soon, they may have to tell you. Read more

-There are only two more home games left in regular season play for the Augusta Riverhawks. You can catch them tomorrow night and Friday night at the James Brown Arena. They're not far out of first place in the league and have clinched a spot in the playoffs.

-When trials come in our lives, we can choose to get bitter or get better. Dallas Wiens has chosen to get better as the recipient of the nation's first full face transplant. There's a great faith story within his story. Read more

-The unseasonably warm temperatures are causing plants to bloom early around the CSRA. We should have plenty of color available to our visitors during Masters Week. Read more

-Shineka Robinson of Harlem gave us a quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Trifle this morning in our Simple Cooking segment. You'll find it in the post below this one.

-Coming up Thursday: We'll talk about the baby laugh gone viral and 7 things you should never say in a job interview.

Simple Cooking - Chocolate Trifle

1 brownie mix made according to directions (you can also use cake)
1 large container of Cool Whip
2 large packages of chocolate pudding made according to directions
A bag of snickers miniatures

In a trifle bowl alternate layers of brownie, chocolate pudding, whip cream, and snickers till you get to the top of the bowl ending with the snickers. Garnish with chocolate curls and sprig of mint or berries.

Submitted by Shineka Robinson of Harlem. If you have a quick and easy recipe to share, please send it to and include a daytime phone number. You'll get a thank-you gift if we use your recipe.

Morning Show Notes - Tuesday, March 22nd

-Robert Reeves, Jr. of Millen is the latest member of Cleve's Coffee Club. Click here to hear his story.

-The price of everything is going up these days, including gas and food. We talked about how to survive in the midst of all the price increases. What's your cost-cutting strategy? Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-There's a new restaurant in Augusta's medical district serving up some soul food - The Bailie Street Grille. Read more

Morning Show Notes - Monday, March 21st

-Monday Morning Mindbender
Q: Men with this physical feature make, on average, 4% more than other men. What is it?
A: Mustache

-John has become a fan of the new reality show on ABC called Secret Millionaire, but he can't watch it without crying. We talked about the tv show or movie that makes you cry and you can join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Cheapie of the Week: Stephanie Beauford of Martinez guessed that it is Allegra (5 count). CVS has it for $6.99. When you use your Extra Care Card, you get $6.99 back in Extra Care Bucks. Use the printable $2 off coupon and you make $2 off this deal (minus sales tax). If CVS is out of stock, ask for a raincheck and file away the coupon so you can use it when they restock.

-Believe it or not, nine days after the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan, people were still being pulled alive from the rubble. An 80 year-old grandmother and her 16 year-old grandson were rescued this weekend. Read more

-Coming up Tuesday: We'll welcome the latest member to Cleve's Coffee Club at 6:50 AM.