Things We Talked About Today

-Everyone in the CSRA has their eyes on the Border Battle tomorrow between Georgia and South Carolina. John and Cleve are both pulling for the Bulldogs. The oddsmakers have South Carolina winning by 3 points. Of the listeners we heard from on the phone and on Facebook today, 55% are for Georgia and 45% are for South Carolina. The game is in Columbia at 12 noon on ESPN2.

-The Aiken Standard is reporting today that Aiken is definitely getting a Cracker Barrel. This is a big deal as it has been talked about for a long time! The restaurant will be built along Whiskey Road on the site of Rick's Produce and construction starts in Spring 2011. It should be open next fall. Cleve's afraid he'll put on some pounds because the Cracker Barrel will only be 5 miles from his house!

-Bob Waliszewski joined us for the weekly Plugged In Movie Review. He said there is nothing new this weekend that is suitable for families. What If (playing in Augusta), Nanny McPhee Returns and Despicable Me are still options. Bob recommended some home video favorites like The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Kitt Kittridge, The Last Song, Secrets of the Mountain, and The Jensen Project.

-John McMichael, co-chair of Aiken's Makin', joined us by phone to talk about this year's arts and crafts festival. It starts today (9 to 6) and ends tomorrow (9 to 5). Vendors will mainly be on the street this year due to landscape improvements along Aiken's parkways. John and Cleve will be there on Saturday from 10 to Noon at the corner of Park and Fairfield.

-We're looking for quick and easy recipes for our upcoming weekly cooking feature. You can e-mail them to If we use your recipe, you'll win a Casting Crowns Movie Night that includes snacks and their new live concert DVD.

-Coming up Monday...The only way in to the Chris (Sligh) and Chris (August) concert on September 18th is to win tickets from us. You have a chance to win with the Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40. Also, Lori Newton will join us to talk about a new faith-focused weight loss group starting Thursday at Mosaic United Methodist Church in Evans.

Things We Talked About Today

-John saw a very odd "as seen on TV" product video on Facebook last night. It's the Snazzy Napper...privacy in a bag! You can nap anywhere and keep the lights out. See the video
-Cleve is intrigued by the Fushiji Ball and wants to buy one. See the video

-The What If movie is back for a third weekend in Augusta. Your support is making it possible for the CSRA to enjoy a family-friendly movie. It's playing at the Regal 20 Augusta Exchange.

-We talked about the practical jokester in your life. Cleve had his office completely rearranged by David while at lunch recently, and Cleve actually likes the makeover, even though it was intended as a joke. His iPad, Ippy, even has her own chair now. One listener told us how her son held the wise men from her nativity scene as hostages one year and sent her a ransom note. He demanded chocolate chip cookies and punch before he would hand over the wise men.

-The Celebration of Life Blood Drive starts Monday and runs through Thursday at area Shepeard Community Blood Centers. You have a chance to win an iPad if you donate!

-Charles Garner joined us from Augusta BOMB (Believers on Mountain Bikes). He told us they welcome the public to come ride with them and enjoy fellowship, along with the great outdoors. Their website is

-Coming up Friday: The Border Battle of UGA vs USC - who's gonna win? Also, the Plugged In Movie Review at 7:10 and John McMichael from Aiken's Makin tells us about this weekend's festival.

Things We Talked About Today

-For those that missed the answer to yesterday's mindbender question, we revisited that early in the 6 AM hour. We talked about how it seemed strange that the most common dream concerned losing your teeth. Cleve has frequent dreams about going back to school. John dreamed last week he was buying a 2 liter soda at the store and they tried to charge him $13 for it! For a cheapskate like John, that's a nightmare!
-A listener called to tell John that he's not a cheapskate. As her grandfather used to put it "You're teaching your dollars to make more cents!"
-John took his son, Evan, to a birthday party at the fire station on Saturday. We talked about birthday parties with fun themes and had some great ideas. Listeners called to tell us about parties they'd done with themes like Imagination Movers, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Titanic and a digital camera scavenger hunt. One mom said that they made cookies for her daughter's birthday and delivered them to neighbors as a random act of kindness. You can join the conversation on this on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook Fan Page.
-Cleve included a story on senior moments in his newscast. It seems that men are more prone to have them than women. John recalled Cleve's latest senior moment of leaving his iPad in his office and trying to accuse John of hiding it. John doesn't have senior moments, but rather "daddy brain" moments where he loses his train of thought. Is that what having children does to you?
-John told the story of how his son, Evan, is learning to drive his kid-sized John Deere Gator. He knows how to do it so well that he told John how to back out of the driveway recently. He said "Daddy, put the car in reverse. Now, go straight back. Whoa! Whoa! That's enough!" It's fun to hear what comes out of the mouth of a two and a half year old!
-Coming up tomorrow...Cleve got an office makeover thanks to practical joke played on him. Do you have a practical jokester in your life? We'll take your calls tomorrow. Also, Charles Garner will join us to talk about a mountain bike riding group in Augusta.

Things We Talked About Today

-We had a tough Monday Morning Mindbender (on Tuesday).
Q: Experts say we dream about this the most. What is it?
A: Losing our teeth
-Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church won the Revive Concert Video Contest. We called Youth Director Jenny Tankersley this morning and delivered the news. You can see their video under the Video tab at
-This is the unofficial first day of fall (day after Labor Day), so we talked about things we're looking forward to this season. John is looking forward to a cheaper electric bill after one that was $300 in August! Cleve is looking forward to polish sausage dogs at the fair in Aiken. Listeners said they were looking forward to cooler weather, changing of the leaves, trips to Gatlinburg, boiled peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds and the Georgia vs. South Carolina football game. You can join in the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook Fan Page
-The Cheapie of the Week is a free Reach toothbrush and free dental floss. See the earlier post for details.
-Family-Friendly 88.3 WAFJ is very honored to have been chosen as the CSRA's top radio station in Augusta Family Magazine's "Family Favorites" September issue. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for us.
-Coming up Tuesday: fun birthday party themes and Cleve's office makeover
-Also, we're working on a weekly cooking segment. If you have quick and simple recipes, e-mail them to If we use yours on the show, you'll win a prize!

Cheapie of the Week - September 6th

Candace Perkins of Augusta correctly guessed that the Cheapie of the Week is Reach Toothbrush and Dental Floss. Each one is $1 at Kroger through Saturday, September 11th. You'll need to print the $1 off any Reach product coupon twice to get both items for FREE. All you pay is the sales tax. These would work well in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, which many families will be packing this fall.