Things We Talked About Today

-After our conversation earlier this week with the guy talking about his new cat show on Animal Planet, John has a cat that has taken up residence on his patio, in Evan's playhouse. Despite John's attempts to run off the cat, it keeps coming back. Amy thinks it may be pregnant. John thinks if it is pregnant that it may have chosen his patio as the place to give birth. Is the cat trying to turn John into a cat lover so it can get on the TV show? We don't know, but don't count on that happening anytime soon.

-The price of coffee keeps increasing. Starbucks increased their prices this week on the fancy drinks. Local Dunkin Donuts stores say they don't plan to hike prices, but grocery store coffees are costing more. The culprit is the cost of Columbian beans. If you can learn to like beans from other countries, you won't pay as much. Read more

-Our movie guy, Bob Waliszewski, of Focus on the Family gave us his take on 4 new movies out this weekend. Before seeing You Again or Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Bob recommends reading his full review at Bob had positive things to say about each of them but wants you to know a few things before you see them. He likes Like Dandelion Dust, based on the book by Karen Kingsbury, but some adoption groups say it paints an unrealistic picture of the adoption process. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga-hoole got a perfect score from Bob, but he doesn't recommend it for really small children.

-The Augusta Ironman triathalon is Sunday and over 3,000 athletes are participating. Lis Heckman of Florida proves that you're never too old to participate in this sort of challenge. She is 71 years old and is no stranger to the Ironman. Read more

-Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day is tomorrow and you can get free admission (two people per household) at several museums in Augusta and Aiken. Download your ticket and find a museum

Coming up Monday...4 chances to win tickets to the Matthew West concert on Friday at New Hope Worship Center. Two chances to win with the Monday Morning Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40. Also, two more chances when we talk to Matthew West at 7:10 and 8:40.

Things We Talked About Today

-John wants to know why they overfill your soda at fast food restaurants. He got a Diet Coke on his way into work and when he turned the corner out of McDonald's parking lot, he felt cold wetness on his seat. Now you know why he doesn't drink coffee! That could have been disasterous! Update: John talked to a listener who works for McDonald's and found out that the drink are filled automatedly by a machine. Even though it is supposed to be precise, it can get off track and overfill, because after all, it is a computer!

-Today is the last day to enter your pastor in our Clergy Appreciation Contest at We're giving away a trip for two to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta.

-You won't have to worry about being bitten by a Burmese Python in these parts because they can't survive our winters. The Savannah River Ecology Lab has been conducting some research on these slithering snakes and you can read about it in The Aiken Standard.

-The Ironman 70.3 triathalon is happening Sunday in Augusta. John's brother-in-law is one of the 3,000 athletes participating. The course involves a 1.2 mile swim down the Savannah, a 56 mile bike ride through Aiken County and a 13.1 mile run through Downtown Augusta. Read more

-We talked to master illusionist Harris III. He's doing a show with 321 Improv tomorrow night at 7:30 at The Sanctuary Church in Evans. Cleve wanted to know if there is some special school that you go to learn the art of illusion. Harris says no, you have to be mentored by someone else in the field. It's sort of like an underground club and you have to be invited to be a part of the community. Harris does some mindboggling tricks with a levitating table and making people disappear! This is great entertainment for the entire family!

-Natalie Grant is pregnant with another girl, Sadie Rose, due on Christmas Day. Just how many pregnancy tests did it take to confirm she was pregnant? Read here

-The folks at CNBC discovered that Augusta is the best market in the country for people wanting to buy their first home. Our home prices are 60% lower than the national average. They say both our cost of living and unemployment are lower than most of the country. With incredibly low interest rates right now, it is a perfect time to buy. Read more

-Coming up Friday...Our movie guy, Bob Waliszewski, from Focus on the Family joins us at 7:10 for a family-friendly perspective on this weekend's new releases. At 8:10, Dr. Mark Newton talks to us about warning signs of a heart attack in our Living Well series. Also, one more chance to win Matthew West concert tickets when you hear a Matthew West song between 6 and 9. The first person to call and identify the song wins two tickets.

Things We Talked About Today

-This is National Turnoff Week, a time to turn off the screens in your life (TV and computer) and spend that time doing something else. This is great way to consciously spend more quality time together as a family. Need some ideas on how to do it? Click here.

-Bowen Hammitt, son of Matt from Sanctus Real, is making improvements but still have trouble breathing. Matt and Sarah did get to hold him yesterday, which is huge, considering they were told that might not happen until weeks after his surgery. Updates are at

-Cleve is bummed about the Braves losing to the Phillies last night but still hoping they'll get a wildcard spot in the playoffs. The Braves might not be able to win, but they can be entertaining. Matt Diaz (brother of Jonny Diaz) put his knee to the back of a guy who ran on the field dressed as spiderman. With Matt's help, security was able to tackle him. See the video

-Tomorrow is the last day to register your pastor to win a trip to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. Enter them at

-We took phone calls from those who participated in See You At the Pole this morning. You can give the highlights of your rally and upload any photos on our Facebook page. There is an area-wide See You the Pole event tonight at 6:30 at First Baptist Church of Augusta featuring Mark Cahill as the speaker and worship with The Revelry.

-We started our new "Simple Cooking with John and Cleve" feature this morning. You can listen for it every Wednesday at 8:10 AM. Teresa Cheek shared her Cream Cheese Chicken recipe. Click here for the recipe

-Coming up Thursday...Master Illusionist Harris III joins us at 7:40. He's doing a show with comedians 321 Improv on Friday night at The Sanctuary Church in Evans. Listen for your chance to win tickets.

Simple Cooking - Cream Cheese Chicken

We kicked off our new feature "Simple Cooking with John and Cleve" this morning with Teresa Cheek telling us about her cream cheese chicken. If you'd like to send us a recipe, e-mail it to, and if we use it, we'll give you a thank-you gift.

Cream Cheese Chicken

1 lb of Skinless Chicken Breast
1 container (8 ounces) of soft cream cheese
1/4 cup of bacon bits
3 cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup (regular size)

Preheat the oven to 375, wash the chicken and put to the side. Mix cream cheese, cream of chicken soup and 1/2 of the bacon bits in a large casserole dish. Once you have mixed it all real good place the chicken in a single layer in with the mixture. Cover it and bake for 35 min. Pull out and sprinkle the other 1/2 of the bacon bits on the top and leave uncovered. Continue cooking for 20 more minutes. Serve on a bed of white rice!

Listen for Simple Cooking with John and Cleve every Wednesday morning at 8:10.

Things We Talked About Today

-In the midst of some really gloomy economic news, Redbook has identified "10 Good Things About Our Bad Economy". We heard from listeners who had some really positive things happen during this rough economic period. One guy who lost his job had his church family surround him with support, even helping him find another job. He experienced a real sense of community, which is one of the points in the article. Another listener said uncertainty with her job lead her to go back to college and it has been a very good experience. Other listeners commented on our Facebook page with stories of finding cheap family entertainment, starting a business and even making laundry detergent at home to save money.

-Ben Thigpen made front page news today in The Augusta Chronicle after his creative marriage proposal. He spent 15-20 hours arranging hay bales at his family farm (Steed's Dairy) to spell out "Marry Me Trish." Then, he took Trish up in an airplane to look at what she thought was going to be a corn maze he created, but instead it was the proposal spelled out in hay.

-Tonight is the FREE concert with Jonny Diaz at the Augusta Common. Gates open at 6:00, concert begins at 7:00. Not only is it a free concert, but there will be a special discount opportunity available tonight for attending. More on that tonight!

-See You at the Pole happens tomorrow morning around school flagpoles. We'll be taking your reports on the phone and through Facebook. Feel free to upload pictures of your gathering to the special photo album on our Facebook page.

-Musician and cat lover John Fulton joined us to talk about his new show "Must Love Cats" coming to Animal Planet. He's traveled the country meeting feline fanatics and they're looking for one more to be featured on the show. You can enter the contest at John writes a song about each of the cats and you can hear them, along with a song he wrote for John and Cleve. Listen: Part 1 / Part 2

-The Freedom From Religion Foundation is stirring up trouble again in the CSRA. They claim that SRS is promoting prayer through company e-mail. Read more in The Aiken Standard.

-Coming up Wednesday...We'll be talking about the morning's See You At the Pole rallies. Also, at 8:10 we begin a new feature "Simple Cooking with John and Cleve." Teresa Cheek will tell us about her Cream Cheese Chicken recipe. If you'd like to submit a quick and easy recipe, e-mail it to If we use your recipe, you'll get a thank-you gift from us.

Things We Talked About Today

-The Monday Morning Mindbender
Q: According to a recent poll, what is the most overused word in the English language?
A: like
Derrick Riley of Aiken had the right answer and said the movie Valley Girl from 1983 is what made him think of the answer. Funny how the word is still overused 27 years later!

-Tomorrow night is the FREE concert with Jonny Diaz ("More Beautiful You") at the Augusta Common. Gates open at 6:00, concert begins at 7:00. Firehouse Subs and Brusters Ice Cream will be on site selling concessions. Bring lawn chairs and blankets as there is no actual seating.

-Cleve told us that his family is being overrun by frogs. He had to rescue his daughter Liz from one that made its way into her car. Now, they're getting into Cleve's house. One listener said that God might be trying to tell Cleve something by sending the frogs. We're not sure of the message yet!

-The Cheapie of the Week is Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup (see post below for deal details). One of Cleve's clues involved this being something you could eat with a sandwich. John had never heard of eating either one of them as an actual soup and thought that you only cook with them. Turns out there were many listeners just like Cleve who eat these as a real soup, besides just cooking with them. John still thinks its weird.

-Bowen Hammitt (son of Matt from Sanctus Real) continues to make improvements with his heart condition. The main thing now is that they need him to cough to get some of the congestion out of his throat and lungs. Updates are at

-Advanced voting for the November 2nd election began in Georgia today. If you'd like a sample ballot, visit

-Coming up Tuesday...We'll be talking about good things that can happen in a bad economy. The conversation has already started on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook Fan Page. Also, John Fulton from the Animal Planet network joins us at 8:10 to talk about his search for passionate cat lovers and be on his upcoming new show "Must Love Cats."

Cheapie of the Week - September 20th

Jill Brooks of Thomson correctly guessed that the Cheapie of the Week is Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup. Walgreens has it on sale through Saturday (9/25) for $.79 per can (with coupon from weekly ad at front of store). Use the printable $1.50 off 3 coupon and get three cans for $.29 each.