Friday, January 13th

-An Atlanta man got creative with a lego marriage proposal: Watch the video

-Voter Registration Deadlines: Georgia/South Carolina

-Bob Waliszewski from Focus on the Family's Plugged In Movie Review joined us this morning. He said that the re-release of Beauty and the Beast would be a great choice for families this weekend. Joyful Noise, however, has adult themes and profanity and would not be suitable for the entire family.

-All eyes are on Tim Tebow as his Broncos take on the Patriots in the playoffs on Saturday. Click here to watch the All He Does Is Win video that we shared this morning. USA Today has a great story about Tim Tebow when he's off the football field. Read more

-Coming up Monday: Win a family-four pack of tickets to Family Comedy Night with Leland Klassen with the Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40. Also, we're giving away Courageous DVD prize packs all week on the morning show when you hear "Courageous" by Casting Crowns. Call (803) 819-3125 when you hear the song and tell us about someone you know who's living courageously.

Thursday, January 12th

-Walmart is offering free tax prep in stores for folks filing the 1040EZ return. Read more

- A Georgia woman lost her $4,000 bracelet when it was flushed down the toilet. The good news is that Roto-Rooter was able to retrieve it, for a price! When have you lost something and gone to great lengths to find it? Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming to an end. The finale is Friday night at 8:00 on ABC. They'll be building seven homes in seven days for tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri.

-Comedian Leland Klassen will be at Family Comedy Night on January 27th in Augusta. He joined John and Cleve this morning. Listen: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

-Coming up Friday: Bob Waliszewski of Focus on the Family has the Plugged In Movie Review of Joyful Noise and Beauty and the Beast (re-release) at 7:10 am.

Wednesday, January 11th

-Kate Battistelli, mother of Francesca, joined us this morning to talk about her new book, Growing Great Kids. Listen: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

-Michaela Gooding of Hephzibah shared her quick and easy recipe for Taco Casserole this morning in Simple Cooking with John and Cleve. The recipe is in the post below this one.

-Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To learn about how big of a problem this is, visit

-John and Cleve signed up for Team Lean with the Family Y this week. Many of us are trying to lose weight and get in shape in 2012. This morning, we asked for those who have been successful with weight loss to share advice with those of us who are trying to shed some pounds. There's a great conversation about this on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Coming up Thursday: Comedian Leland Klassen joins us by phone at 7:40 so that we can get to know him a bit before he entertains us at Family Comedy Night on January 27th.

Simple Cooking - Taco Casserole

1 pound of hamburger meat
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 can of corn
Shredded cheese
Jiffy muffin mix
Refried beans (optional)

Brown 1lb hamburger with taco seasoning pack. Drain and place in casserole dish with drained can of corn, top with cheese and mix up Jiffy muffin mix and place on top. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Serve with sour cream. I sometimes put a can of refried beans on top of meat and corn mixture before cheese and Jiffy mix.

Submitted by Michaela Gooding of Hephzibah. If you have a quick and easy recipe to share, please send it, along with your daytime phone number, to You'll get a thank-you gift if we use your recipe.

Tuesday, January 10th

-Lake Superior State University in Michigan has released their annual list of words that should be banished from the English language. These words are misused and overused. (See the list) Which word or phrase would you put on the list? Join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.

-Cleve welcomed Ed Hatfield of Augusta to his coffee club this morning. If you'd like to join the fun, click here.

-MAU Workforce Solutions is hosting a job fair on Wednesday from 9 to 4 at the Jameson Suites in Augusta. Read more

-Coming up Wednesday: Francesca Battistelli's mom, Kate, joins us at 7:10 to talk about her new book, Growing Great Kids. Also, Michaela Gooding of Hephzibah has a quick and easy recipe for Taco Casserole in Simple Cooking with John and Cleve at 8:10.

Monday, January 9th

-Monday Morning Mindbender
Q: The average lifespan of this new year's resolution is 82 days. Which one is it?
A: Going to the gym

-John and Cleve are competing in Team Lean, a community-wide weight loss program, sponsored by the Family Y. This is the sign up week, so if you'd like to compete as an individual or form your own team, call (706) 922-YMCA or visit for more information.

-Karen Steudle of Grovetown correctly guessed that the Cheapie of the Week is Precise Pain Patches. Walgreens has them for $5.99 a box. Use the printable $3 off couponand you'll get $3 back in Register Rewards to use on a future purchase, so really all you pay is the sales tax!

-Rick Herring from Action Ministries of Augusta shared an update on the beds for kids project that was the focus of our Christmas Cheer Tour. Our goal was to raise money and bedding for 88 beds for kids who don't have one. You helped us surpass that goal with enough funds for 101 beds. If you'd like to volunteer to help build the bed frames, contact Action Ministries at (706) 722-8195.

-Chris August is in India on a missions trip right now. Take a look at this picture of a fish like no other you've ever seen that he saw in India.

-Coming up Tuesday: Cleve welcomes another Coffee Club member at 6:50 AM. Also, we tell you about a woman who went to great lengths to find a lost bracelet.