Morning Show Notes - Friday, August 12th

-Cleve's been hearing some sort of animal hissing at him from the trees above when he leaves his house each morning. After much research and even recruiting listeners to help, we've discovered Cleve isn't going crazy. Apparently, he's hearing the Bulgy-Eyed Bonehead Tree Frog. Wikipedia says it's normall found in Guyana, but all sorts of animals, including cats, find their way to Cleve's house, so we're not surprised.

-John loves saving money with daily deals from Groupon. Today, they're offering 5 rentals from the Blockbuster Express Kiosks for $.40 each. Get the deal

-John and Cleve invite you to join them from 10 AM to Noon tomorrow at the CareFair for Women in Augusta.

-With the rough economic news this week, many of us are in need of some hope for our finances. Dave Ramsey is stepping up to the plate with The Great Recovery program which utilizes his Financial Peace University materials. Find a church near you that's offering it in the coming weeks at

-Coming up Monday: You could win the music from our Back to School Bashes. It's a stack of three CD's from Royal Tailor, Caleb and Samestate. Listen to win with the Monday Morning Mindbender at 6:10 and the Cheapie of the Week at 7:40.

Morning Show Notes - Thursday, August 11th

-Augusta has been named the third most dangerous city for driving in the country because of the number of traffic fatalities. Read more

-Dan Uggla has gone being booed to being celebrated with a great hitting streak for the Atlanta Braves. Early in the season, he wasn't performing too well, but now he's on a roll. It's a great lesson in perseverance. Read more

-Coming up Friday: Cleve thinks he's discovered the mystery sound that awaits him outside when he leaves his house each morning. He'll share his theory at 6:10 AM. Our movie guy, Bob Waliszewski from Focus on the Family, joins us at 7:10 to talk about the weekend's new movies. In the 8:00 AM hour, listeners like you join us for a unique experience called Backstage Pass Friday.

Morning Show Notes - Wednesday, August 10th

-Cleve thinks it is strange that John doesn't like to eat day-old doughnuts. John says if he is going to eat something with that many calories, it better be fresh! Lamar called to say that 12 seconds in the microwave is the perfect way to heat an old doughnut without ruining it.

-John got a call from a telemarketer last night who was trying to sell him a short getaway to Orlando. When John told her that he could actually get a better deal than what she was offering, she started to sweeten the pot with lower prices and extras. He declined the offer because it involved a timeshare presentation, but found a new way to handle telemarketers...haggle with them!

-Navy SEAL Officer Aaron Vaughn died in the helicopter crash over the weekend in Afghanistan, but he leaves behind a legacy of faith for his family. Read more

-Kevin and Wes from Rush of Fools stopped by to visit this morning to share their new song "Grace Found Me" from the upcoming We Once Were CD. These guys are from John's hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. While they may share the same hometown, their football loyalties are different. John is an Alabama fan, and Kevin and Wes are Auburn fans. So, John had a special surprise for them this morning. Click the links to see pictures: Picture 1 Picture 2

-Coming up Thursday: Cleve thinks he's discovered the mystery sound that awaits him outside when he leaves his house each morning. He'll share his theory at 6:10 AM. Lindsay from The Augusta Chronicle and Kathy from Doctors Hospital join us at 7:10 and 8:40 AM with the scoop on this Saturday's CareFair for Women.

Simple Cooking - Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

1 box chocolate(any variety) cake mix
1/3 c. vegetbale oil
2 eggs
Granulated sugar

Mix all together, roll into 1" balls, then roll in sugar, bake 8-10 min. at 350 on sprayed cookie sheet. Optional - could push a kiss on top before baking.

Submitted by Margie Johnson of Windsor. If you have a quick and easy recipe to share, please send it to and include a daytime phone number. You'll get a thank-you gift if we use your recipe.

Morning Show Notes - Tuesday, August 9th

-Tauren, lead singer of Royal Tailor, joined us this morning to talk about his band's heart for youth ministry as they headline next week's Back to School Bashes. Listen to the conversation: Part 1 Part 2

-Superwoman, or Krystal Mueller as most people know her, was inducted into Cleve's Coffee Club this morning. Listen to why she's so super.

-Walmart sells everything anyway, so add one more to the list: online movie rentals. Read more

-A new study finds that some exercise is better than none, especially for women. Read more

-Coming up Wednesday: Margie Johnson of Windsor shares her quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies in Simple Cooking with John and Cleve at 8:10 AM. Also, Kevin and Wes from Rush of Fools join us live in studio between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.

Morning Show Notes - Monday, August 8th

-Monday Morning Mindbender
Q: This cereal's mascot holds the record for most consecutive years on commercial television. It first hit the air in 1959, and you still see it on their commercials today. Who is it?
A: The Trix Rabbit

-The death of 30 American soldiers in Afghanistan over the weekend reminds of the incredible sacrifice that our military personnel make on our behalf. Read more

-With many of our students headed back to school today, we talked about the highlight of your summer this morning. You can join the conversation on the 88.3 WAFJ Facebook page.
-David McNeal of North Augusta correctly guessed that the Cheapie of the Week is Rice Krispies Treats (8 count box). There was a $1 off 2 manufacturer's coupon you can use from Sunday's newspaper, along with a printable $1 off 2 store coupon. Those coupons will get you two boxes for a total of $1.98 plus tax.

-Coming up Tuesday: We'll talk about your first day of school stories at 6:10 AM.You'll meet Superwoman when we induct her into Cleve's Coffee Club at 6:50. Tauren from Royal Tailor will join us at 7:10 to talk about the Back to School Bashes next week.