Cleve's Sure-Fire Floor Mopping Technique

THE proper way to mop a linoleum floor!
For really important jobs... ditch the sponge mops and grab a traditonal mop. Use ONLY very hot water. (Proper temperature is reached when you cannot hold your bare hand in the water longer than 4 seconds.) Also, make sure you have maximum illumination... especially for darker floors. (One way to do this is to tape a flashlight onto your mop)  

1) First treat the tough spots with your favorite cleaning solvent... allow it a few minutes to set. (Be careful not let it completely dry onthe floor)  
2) In small spaces and for especially grimy spots using abreviated short strokes applying maximum pressure (also know as "elbow grease")...  
3) For larger areas use broad sweeping motions... with a wide side to side motion. Like a sailor swabbing the deck...  
4) For quicker drying, you can use a boxed fanset on high speed- or something I like to do... is take my shoes off and step on a very thick towel then- using your feet slide it across the floor.

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