Harry Potter Discussion

In one midnight showing alone, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince brought in $22 million. Somebody's watching it, including many Christians. This morning we wanted your thoughts on the Harry Potter phenomenon. There were some good opinions including "it's full of witchcraft and the Bible speaks against that" to "it's fantasy and you have to decide if your child is grounded enough to know the difference" to "if you tell a teenager they can't see it, they're going to find a way to see it, because, well...that's teenagers for ya." There has also been some good discussion on my Facebook page today.

I was surprised by one listener's comment that "most Christian families don't know how to be Christlike" in reference to Christian families who don't have problems with Harry Potter. Learning to be Christlike is a daily process that goes on until the day we die, and I think statements like that come across as "holier than thou." Who are we to point the finger when none of us has achieved perfection? I think the bigger picture should be focusing on being grounded in God's word and understanding why we believe what we believe.

Bob from Focus on the Family's Plugged In Movie Reviews will be with us tomorrow morning at 7:10 to give us his perspective on the new Harry Potter film. Knowing Bob, he'll have some interesting thoughts to share.

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